The Academy is an independent institution chaired by an Academic Board which acts as the body responsible for the establishment and approval of education and training standards, the proposal of guidelines for masters programs, as well as the provision of technical advice.


Appointed by the Steering Committee, Mr. Eduardo Herrero is the Academy Chairman of the two US campus locations as well as Board member of the Academy of Professional Development in Spain. The Grifols Academy, US Board members include Mr. Charles Auger, Ms. Beth Eacret, Ms. Teresa Adams, Dr. Marilyn Rosa-Bray, Ms. Karen Croate and Mr. Shane Stremming, all of whom are existing members of our Senior Management Team representing our Medical, Quality, Operations and Training business units. Dr. Marla Salmon, who is a Professor of Nursing and Public Health and the University of Washington and a Board member of Grifols, Inc., joined the Academy Board of Directors in 2014.

Board member Ms. Beth Eacret also holds the title of Academy Director (Director of Education Programs and Innovation), whereas Ms. Paula Schulz is the Associate Director for both locations, Glendale, AZ the main campus, and the branch campus located in Indianapolis, IN, where Mr Adam Stanton is the Manager of the Indianapolis Campus. The Academy also has six affiliate satellite campus locations utilized for off-site training.